Assembling Carburetor

Assemble carburetor in reverse order of disassembly. Pay particular attention to the following points.

Install venturi with choke end (small end) facing air intake opening.

Install throttle shaft from bottom of carburetor so counterbored screwhead notches are facing left side of carburetor when viewing carburetor from throttle shaft end. Notice that an edge of throttle disc has a flat on each side. Pass this edge of disc through throttle shaft, close throttle and insert throttle shaft screws (17) but do not tighten. Shift disc slightly until it seats all the way around carburetor throat. Tighten screws. Work disc several times. If there is any bind, loosen screws and reposition disc.

Position both throttle disc and throttle lever in wide open position before tightening throttle stop lock screw.

Throttle lever and shaft should open and close with just a slight drag. If too loose, loosen stop lock screw and compress parts on throttle shaft with fingers while tightening.

Install only replacement throttle disc containing same identification number on face. With disc correctly installed and closed, the number will be on right half of disc when viewed through manifold end of carburetor.

After assembly, adjust carburetor as described in "Adjusting Carburetor," page 3F-1.

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