Assembling Generator

Assemble generator in approximate order of disassembly. Install field coils in frame. Insert armature and assemble the felt retainer, spring ring and bearing. Use arbor press to push bearing in place.

Assemble brush holders to frame end and slip frame end in place over frame. If frame end is a tight fit, it may be drawn into place by tightening frame screws. Bring field coil leads (1, 2 and 3 Fig. 5E-6) through smaller opening in frame end and lead 4 through larger opening. Select lead ends 1 and 3. Run lead 1 behind field coil terminal, make loop and place it over field coil terminal. Twist leads 2 and 3 as in first half of shoe tying operation and secure to field terminal with terminal screw (18, Fig. 5E-7). Twist leads 2 and 4 in similar manner and attach to positive brush terminal with brush in place. Be sure lead 3 is behind frame screw. Assemble negative brush.

Assemble commutator end of generator in reverse of order disassembled, replacing same number of shims (17, Fig. 5E-7) that were removed.

Install generator in reverse order of removal as described in "Removing Generator," standard generator. Test generator as described in "Testing Generator Output," standard generator.



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