Assembling Shifter Forks

Assemble shifter forks in reverse of disassembly order making sure parts are not transposed.

Check adjustment of shifter forks with Fork Shifter Gauge, Part No. 96384-39, by placing shifter gauge on shifter cover as shown in Fig. 4D-10. With the 3/8 in. gauge rod furnished, set tool gauge blocks in exact alignment with straight sections of cam slots in shifter cam. Lock gauge blocks in place with thumb screws.

Remove tool from cover, turn it over, and place it on transmission case with shifter fingers engaged in slots on gauge blocks as shown in Fig. 4D-11. Be sure shifter finger rollers are in place on shifter fingers.

With thickness gauges, check clearance on both sides of shifting clutches. All shifting clutches must be centered.

When clearances are not equal and correct, shifting fork assemblies must be corrected by increasing or decreasing the number of shims between shifter fork and shifter finger. To make this adjustment, remove shifter fork assemblies from transmission. Shims are available .007 in. and .014 in. thick.

After taking out or adding shims, be sure fork assembly lock nut is tight. However, excessive tightening may close up hole in bushing so it is no longer a free, sliding fit on shaft.

Clearances between shifter clutch and gear are as follows:

Low and second gear: When centered between gears to have .075 in. clearance on both sides.

Figure 4D-10. Adjusting Shifter Gauge

Figure 4D-10. Adjusting Shifter Gauge

Figure 4D-11. Checking Shifter Clutch Clearance

Third and high gear: When centered between gears to have .100 in. clearance on both sides.

Sliding reverse gear: When centered between gears to have approximately .055 in. clearance between gear teeth.

Where shifter clutch engagement is with dogs protruding from face of gear, turn gear so dogs on shifter clutch and dogs on gear are overlapping each other about 1/8 in. before checking clearance.

Place shifter forks in gear box and install shifter fork shaft. Fork with narrow opening is for high gear shifter clutch. Install shifter shaft lock screw.

Assemble shifter cover to gear box as described in "Replacing Shifter Cover."


Remove transmission from chassis as described in "Stripping Motorcycle for Transmission Repair," Section 4A.

Remove clutch as described in "Disassembling Clutch,"

Remove starter assembly and starter clutch as described in "Disassembling Starter," Section 4C.

Remove shifter cover and shifting forks as described in "Removing Shifter Cover" and "Removing Shifter Forks."


Remove four screws (1) and washers (2) holding countershaft end cap (3) and gasket (4) to left (clutch)

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