Assembly is the reverse order of disassembly. Be sure to correctly align the diaphragm assembly on the horn back and to readjust the contact points after the horn is assembled.

Removing Sidecar From Motorcycle

Set motorcycle on rear stand. Disconnect brake rod from brake shaft lever. If sidecar is equipped with any lamps, disconnect the wires from their respective terminals.

Loosen ball joint lock nuts and ball joint nuts. Remove cotter pin, nut, spring and washers from frame brace upper front connection on motorcycle. Loosen the four sidecar frame brace lower clamp screws enough to allow disconnecting brace from upper front connection on motorcycle. Place blocks of suitable height under chassis to support it while disconnecting ball joint nuts from rear and front connections on motorcycle.

Attaching Sidecar to Motorcycle

Set motorcycle on rear stand near sidecar chassis. Put a small amount of grease in each ball socket. Block up chassis so that front and rear connections are as close as possible to, and nearly of the same height as motorcycle connections. Make sure ball joint nut lock nuts are loose on ball joint nuts.

Make front connection first, then rear connection. Due to previous slight misalignment, it may be necessary to loosen rear ball socket bracket nuts and shift bracket slightly before rear connection can be made. After rear connection has been made, tighten bracket nuts securely, and insert cotter pins.

When ball joints are properly adjusted, there will be flexibility between motorcycle and sidecar chassis, but no play in joints. Tighten ball joint nut until it just bottoms; and then back off about 1/8 turn. Hold ball joint nut in this position with one wrench and tighten ball joint nut lock nut securely with another wrench. After both ball joints have been properly adjusted and locked, push motorcycle off rear stand.

Put a small amount of grease on upper front connection and attach brace to upper front connection on motorcycle. Install larger washer, spring, smaller washer and nut; turn nut on until end of connection bolt just protrudes through nut and insert cotter pin.

Adjust sidecar frame brace so motorcycle leans about 2 degrees away from sidecar. It is of prime importance that this adjustment be carefully made, as it affects steering. With adjustment correct, motorcycle will have no appreciable tendency to pull to either right or left when driven on a level highway. Tighten frame brace lower clamp screws securely.

Connect brake rod to brake shaft lever. If brake needs readjusting, see "Adjusting Brakes",

Connect any lamp wires to their respective terminals—see "Sidecar Wiring Diagrams,"

Note: If a new sidecar is to be attached to a motorcycle not previously equipped with one, follow instructions included with sidecar.

Adjusting Brake

See "Adjusting Brakes,"

Servicing Brake

See "Servicing Brakes,"

Removing Wheel

See "Removing Sidecar Wheel,"

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