At First 1500 Miles

1. Check condition of oil in tank to determine if oil change is needed.

2. Check level of oil in transmission and add oil if needed. Use same grade of oil used in engine. See "Transmission Lubrication,"

3. Lubricate all points indicated for 750 mile attention on Lubrication Chart.

4. Lubricate wheel hubs at 1500 mile intervals as indicated on Lubrication Chart.

5. Oil all control joints, namely clutch, gear shifter, brakes, front brake control wire, and spark and throttle control wires at ends of their respective housings.

6. Check adjustment of chains. Adjust if needed. Again, check lubrication of front chain. Clean and lubricate rear chain and check for broken rollers, loose pins or cracked side plates.

7. Check adjustment of gear shifting control. Adjust if needed.

8- ^eck adjustment of clutch and clutch control. Adjust if needed.

9. Check adjustments of brakes and brake controls. Adjust if needed.

10. Check all nuts, bolts and screws and tighten any found loose. Particular attention should be given

' h ,®ngine m°unting bolts, cylinder head bracket °r nuts, transmission mounting stud nuts, f . 5 and wheel mounting socket screws.

ElS?* iront and rear wheel for loose or broken g^-spokes and rim damage.

rSfi* !6Vel ,of battery solution and add distilled ¿i ter lf needed.

$SaSrlU]d, be given a complete tune-up in-

Kttino9vS mg circuit braker P°ints- ^nition

KhL taPi>etf' Spark Plugs' fining and

Kline C^buretor bow1' cleaning and flushing

EkS* ^f\ner' Cfburetor adjustment, and

S5kfer °Utlet" Se™ice air cleaner if «orcycle is so equipped.

14. Road test motorcycle to check carburetor adjustment and all-around performance.

Preceding three service jobs conclude what is considered initial servicing. Further servicing should be given according to schedule of "Regular Interval Inspection and Maintenance," which follows below.

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