Carburetor Cleanup Tools

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CARBURETOR CONVERSION The highly satisfactory performance of 1950 O.H.V. model carburetors (Manufacturer's Nos.: M~*5í M-61; M-74) prompted investigating the possibilities of converting, at reasonable cost, earlier carburetor models to give them the same calibration and performance characteristics as 1950 O.H.V. carburetors. It has been found that two carburetor models can be converted. Consideration vas first given to furnishing dealers a conversion kit enabling converting carburetors in the field, but this was found impracticable because of the extent of conversion required. Conversion must be made by the carburetor manufacturer.

The carburetor models that can be converted are the M-56 and M-45 (manufacturer's number stamped on top of carburetor body). Carburetors with other manufacturer's numbers cannot be converted.

If you wish to have carburetors converted under this conversion program, send them to Harley-Davidson Motor Co. on an instruction sheet separate from other parts that may be returned in the same shipment. In other words, applying to a mixed shipment, list carburetors for conversion on one instruction sheet and other parts in the shipment on a separate instruction sheet.

The charge per carburetor for conversion is $5.00 net, plus^tax. The M-36 carburetors you send back for conversion will be returned to you or M-61 carburetors (Harley-Davidson part number 27142-50). Applying to the M-45 carburetor, the carburetor returned to you will be or M-74 (liarley-Davidson part number 27143-50).

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