Care And Lubrication Of Drive Chains

Adjusting Drive Chains

Inspect the adjustment of chains at least^every

^«sigrSffiSsu provided in chain guard. Chains must nui u« S run loose enough to strike guards or other ^s parts, because when that loose, they cause motor cycle to jerk when running at low speed and there ^ excessive wear of chains and sprockets. The rear chain requfre^ more frequent adjustment than front chain As chains stretch and wear in servicejhey will run tighter at one point on the sprockets tarn a another. Always check ad^stmen at the hghtesi point and adjust chains at this P°^t so th^t they have Sout '/z-inch free movement up and down, miaway between sprockets. Do not adjust tighter because ruining chains too tight is even more harmful than running them too loose.

Inspect chains occasionally for links in bad condi-,1 Plt nv re found, make repairs or renew the ° .' I{TlJ"r chain can be taken apart and remama taken off.

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