If any of the rollers are lost or if sets become mixed, both sets will have to be replaced with new parts even though in serviceable condition.

Remove speedometer drive housing screw (26) and washer (27) and lift out speedometer drive unit (28) and gasket (29) from gear case.

If a three-speed and reverse transmission, remove idler gear shaft (30) and idler gear (31). Thread a 1/4-20 tap screw into end of shaft, grasp screw head in pliers and pull shaft out of case. It may be necessary to heat the case to facilitate pulling the shaft.


Remove the four bearing housing retaining plate screws (1), oil deflector (2) and retaining plate (3).

Drive mainshaft assembly toward right side of case with rawhide mallet or block of wood and hammer until mainshaft bearing (6) or bearing housing (7) with bearing are just free of opening in case. With screwdriver or other suitable tool, pry lock ring (12) out of groove in mainshaft and slide it onto mainshaft splines. Pull ball bearing nut (4), ball bearing washer (5), ball bearing (6), bearing housing (7), low and second gear assembly (8) and mainshaft (9) out

1. Bearing housing retaining 6.

2. Oil deflector 8.

3. Retaining plate 8A.

4. Ball bearing nut 9.

5. Ball bearing washer 10.

Mainshaft bearing 10A. Mainshaft bearing housing

Low and second gear 11.

Low and reverse gear (handshift) 12.

Mainshaft 13.

Third gear 14.

Mainshaft second gear

(handshift) Retaining washer Lock ring Shifter clutch Third gear bushing

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 4D-13. Mainshaft Assembly - Exploded View

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