Disassembling Crankcase

Remove cylinder heads as described in "Disassembling Cylinder Head,"

Remove cylinders as described in "Disassembling Cylinder,'

Remove gearcase parts as described in "Disassembling Gearcase," See "Crankcase," above for checking procedure before starting crankcase disassembly.

Refer to Fig. 3E-1 and proceed as follows:

Remove crankcase bolt (1), stud (2), crankcase breather stud assembly (3) or (3A), stud (4), top and right crankcase studs (5) and two lower crankcase studs (6). It is necessary to remove only one stud nut and slip stud and other nut out opposite side of crankcase.

Refer to Fig. 3E-2 and continue disassembly:

Position crankcase with gearcase (right side) up. Tap crankcase with rawhide or soft metal mallet to loosen top half. Lift right crankcase half (1) off pinion shaft main bearings. Remove spiral lock ring (2) from pinion shaft with tip of screwdriver. Lift bearing washers (3 and 5) with bearings and bearing retainers (4) off pinion shaft.

Remove sprocket shaft spacer (6) secure pinion shaft end of flywheels in copper vise jaws and turn out sprocket shaft bearing nut (7) with Sprocket Shaft Bearing Nut Wrench, Part No. 97235-55A (Fig. 3E-4). Thread is lefthand.

Mount flywheel and left case assembly on press table supporting case on parallel bars (Fig. 3E-5) and press

1. Crankcase stud bolt, 3/8

2. Crankcase stud, 5/16 x

5 in. (right center)

3. Crankcase breather stud and chain oiler

4. Crankcase stud, 5/16 x

5. Crankcase stud, 5/16 x

6. Crankcase stud, 11/32 x

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly. Locations are as viewed from left side of engine.

Figure 3E-1. Crankcase Studs - Exploded View

1. Right crankcase half

2. Spiral lock ring

3. Bearing washer (2)

4. Bearings and retainer

5. Bearing washer (see item 3)

6. Sprocket shaft spacer

7. Sprocket shaft bearing nut

8. Flywheel and rod assembly

9. Sprocket bearing half

10. Flywheel side outer race snap ring

11. Bearing spacer

12. Bearing outer race

13. Bearing spacer

14. Bearing outer race

15. Left crankcase half

16. Sprocket bearing half

17. Pinion shaft bearing race lock screw (2)

18. Pinion shaft bearing race

Note: Keep parts 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 16 as a set. Do not transpose or interchange parts. Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 3E-2. Crankcase - Exploded View on end of sprocket shaft with arbor press until flywheel assembly (8) drops out, freeing sprocket side bearing half (9) and spacer (11).

Remove flywheel side outer race snap ring (10) from groove in case by prying end with screwdriver and inserting thin screwdriver or knife blade between snap ring and case.

Reposition case on press table and press out outer races (12 and 14) and bearing spacer (13) from case (15) using Sprocket Shaft Bearing Outer Race Press Plug, Part No. 97194-57 (Fig. 3E-6).

If flywheels are to be disassembled, grip pinion shaft in vise and pull bearing from sprocket shaft using the Bearing Puller Part No. 96015-56. Place hooked ends of puller halves behind bearing and hold collar over puller halves. Engage puller screw cross in puller slots and pull bearing off by tightening puller screw against sprocket shaft center as shown in Fig.

3E-7. Keep bearings (9 and 16) in a set with proper bearing outer races (12 and 14).


Grip pinion shaft in copper covered vise jaws so shafts are in vertical position. Insert a rod about 5 in. long and 1/2 in. in diameter through holes in flywheels to keep them from turning. Remove lock plate screw (1), lock plate (2) and crank pin nut (3). Strike left flywheel with soft metal mallet at about 90 degrees from crank pin hole on wheel periphery to loosen. Lift left flywheel (4) off crank pin.

Hold down bearing assembly with a short length of pipe or tubing so connecting rods (5) may be slipped off bearings. Remove bearings (6). Hold together in set until bearings are washed and refitted to crank pin.

Remove lock plate screw (7), lock plate (8) and gear shaft nut (9). Tap pinion shaft (11) out of flywheel (10). Remove key~(12) from shaft.

Clamp crank pin in vise. Remove lock plate screw (13), lock plate (14) and crank pin lock nut (15). Tap crank pin (16) out of flywheel and remove key (17).

Grip sprocket shaft in vise and remove lock plate screw (18), lock plate (19) and sprocket shaft lock nut (20). Remove sprocket shaft (21) by tapping it out of flywheel, and remove key (22).

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