Disassembling Front Fork

Prepare for disassembling by raising front end of motorcycle on stand or suitable support, so wheel is off the floor.

Remove front and side fork trim panel or headlamp housing. Remove headlamp. Disconnect at terminal strip the two headlamp wires and all wires that pass through handlebars. Disconnect throttle and spark advance cables from carburetor and circuit breaker.

Remove front wheel as described in Section 2C. Remove front brake hand lever bracket and coil clip on fender. Turn off front axle sleeve nut and pivot stud nut, and pull brake side cover and shoe assembly and axle sleeve off fork. Remove front fender.. Slider bushing play can best be checked at this point. Remove the handlebars.


Remove the fork stem nut (1) and nut lock (1A) (if used). Remove the two upper bracket bolts (2) with oil seal (3) and upper bracket cover (4) (if used). Lift off handlebar and fork bracket (5). Remove head bearing nut (6). Remove upper head bearing (7) and pull fork out bottom of steering head.

Note: Frame head bearing Lock Nut Wrench, Part No. 96219-50, is used to remove nut (6).

Loosen fork bracket clamping studs (8) and slide fork bracket (9) off fork tubes with fork slider covers (10). Turn out two slider tube plugs (11) and invert sliders to drain out oil and remove fork springs (12).

Figure 2F-7. Driving in Fork Slider Bushing

Figure 2F-6. Removing Fork Slider Bushing

Figure 2F-7. Driving in Fork Slider Bushing

Figure 2F-8. Reaming Replacement Bushing

Remove damper valve stud lock nut (13) from bottom of slider and pull slider tube (14) out of slider (24). Pinch out snap ring (15) from lower end of slider tube and drop out damper tube lower bushing (17). Discard gaskets (16 and 18). Slide out damper valve assembly (19). Snap out spring ring (20), washer (21), felt washer (22) and pry out oil seal (23).

Figure 2F-9. Indicating High Point

the bearing outer race, and the roller bearing with inner race. The outer races are pressed into the steering head cups in the frame head. The lower roller bearing is assembled over the fork stem and the upper roller bearing is held in place on the fork stem by the bearing lock nut on the upper threaded end of the fork stem.

After fork is removed inspect bearings and races for pitting, roughness or wear. Roughness of the roller bearings can be determined by rolling the bearings on the bearing races by hand. If bearings or races require replacement it is best to replace them in sets.

To replace bearing race, knock head cup from steering head using a suitable drift. Press new bearing race in new head cup and then press assembly into frame head. If you wish to use old head cups, holes must be drilled in back side of cup so that race can be driven out by using small diameter drift or by some other improvised means.

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