Disassembling Ignition Light Switch

On Glide and Servi-Car Models remove instrument panel cover by prying out side-cover clip located at trip mileage set knob and turning out mounting base center screw located in the center of instrument panel below speedometer On Model 165 remove switch bezel to expose switch.

Disconnect all wires connected to switch terminals and remove four switch mounting screws.

See Fig. 5C-1. All directions for disassembly apply with switch in an inverted position. Switch must be in "off" position and unlocked.

Grasp end of roller contact retainer with pliers and simultaneously move it upward and away from roller contact (1). Lift off roller contact and switch mounting plate assembly (2). Notice that this plate is positioned with the three-terminal side away from lock cover hinge.

Reinforcing plate (3) with contact bar holder (4) and roller contact retainer (5) can be removed from switch cover by slipping part assembly sideways until one set of tabs clears slot in switch cover, then lifting and sliding assembly the opposite direction to clear other tab.

Switch base (7) and lock plate (6) can be removed from switch cover. Note that narrow end of elongated hole in lock, and lug on switch lock (8) which fits into hole in lock plate, are toward lock cover hinge.

Lock assembly (8 and 9) can now be lifted out of switch cover (10). Avoid separating switch cylinder from its case unless lock is faulty. On some models the lock cylinder and case are a single unit.


Wash all parts in cleaning solvent and dry with compressed air.

Inspect all parts, particularly roller contact and plate assembly for excessive wear of contacting brass buttons and roller surfaces. Extreme wear of these parts may allow head of roller contact retainer to short against switch lock plate. Loosened terminals on switch mounting plate may also cause a short

1. Roller contact

2. Switch mounting plate assembly

3. Reinforcing plate

4. Contact bar holder

5. Roller contact retainer

6. Switch lock plate

7. Switch base

8. Ignition switch cylinder

9. Ignition switch cylinder case 10. Switch cover

Figure 5C-1. Ignition Light Switch or an inconsistent positive contact, or rusted parts.

Replace all worn

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