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. THREE WIRE CABLE - Red wire; green vlre, black wire.

. LOOM (lour wires) - BUck »ire with red tracer; red *lre with yellow tracer; red »ire »ith black tracer; black wire.

. THREE WIRE CABLE - BUck »ire; green wire; red wire.

. LOOM (three wires) - Red »Ire, green wire, red »ire.

SWITCH TERMINAL - Cable "A" red »Ire from junction terminal 146); cable "B" red wire from relay (13); cable "C" red wire from junction terminal (30).

. SWITCH TERMINAL - Cablf "C" green »Ire from junction terminal (17); cable " B" green »ire from generator "»witch" terminal (22); green wire from speedometer tight (8).

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