Engine Description

The Glide engine is a two-cylinder, four-cycle, air cooled, overhead-valve, V-type engine with 74' cu. in. displacement. It has three major component assemblies: cylinder, crankcase and gearcase.

Cylinder assemblies include cylinder head, valves, rocker arms and piston. Cylinders mount on the engine crankcase in a 45 degree "V," with both connecting rods connected to a single crank pin.

The reciprocating, linear motion of the piston in the cylinder is converted to circular motion in the crankcase. The built-up crankshaft consists of an off-center crank pin interposed between two counter-weighted flywheels which rotate on two end shafts (pinion and sprocket shafts) supported by anti-friction roller bearings. The lower end of the rear cyl-

1. Rocker arm cover

2. Cover reinforcing ring

3. Carburetor high-speed adjustment

4. Engine mounting bracket

5. Intake valve oiler

6. Carburetor low-speed adjustment

7. Rocker arm

8. Cylinder head

9. Exhaust port

10. Push rod

11. Push rod cover

12. Circuit breaker (timer)

13. Gearcase

14. Generator drive gear

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