6-24650-54 Bearing Complete—Consists of

(24) 9321 Roller Bearing (M" * .360") ( 2) 24646-54 Bearing Retainer

(Overall Width .434")

3-24690-40 Bearing Washer

4-24702-40 Spring Ring

NOTE: Spacer 24695-40 shown in Figs. 1 and 2 cannot be used with this bearing.

Fi,ur. J on page 1 shows roller bearing and adjacent parts in correct order of assembly as used in 1954 OHV model engines from engine number 54FL 5010 to the season's end. Th.s (24650-54) will not fit 74 and 80 cu. in. Side-V.I.e models or OHV models e.rher than 1940.

NOTE: The 1955 OHV engine pinion shaft beating was changed to gain greater bearing ate«.

RECOMMENDATION - Us« only the bearing shown in Fig. 3 for all servicing of OHV engines from 1940 to and including 1954, as it has greater bearing area than earlier bearings used.

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