Fuel Tanks

The fuel tanks are of welded steel construction. Fuel supply is shut off when plunger for reserve supply valve, located just ahead of the left tank filler cap, is turned down fingertight against its seat. The plunger is unscrewed (but not lifted) to use main fuel supply. The plunger is lifted to use reserve supply.

Fuel tanks are treated to resist rusting. However, prolonged operation with nearly empty tanks will increase condensation formation and hasten rusting. Moisture formation and damage may be avoided by using only "good grade" anti-knock, ethyl fuels with moisture absorbing additives. When motorcycle stands unoperated for any reasonably lengthy period, tanks should be drained and the tank interiors bathed with an oil-fuel mixture of equal proportions, and'

then drained. The fuel will evaporate leaving a protective oil film on tank walls.

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