Glide Model

Remove the front cvlinder head from the engine to provide sufficient clearance for removal of circuit breaker assembly. See Glide Cylinder Head, Section Using circuit breaker wrench, Part 94501-56, remove two screws (21 A). Shaft and housing assembly can be lifted from gear case. On manual advance types, slip base (10 or 10A) and retainer (20) from housing.


Using cloth with clean white gasoline, wipe circuit breaker clean and inspect parts.

Inspect circuit breaker contact points (5 and 5A). If lever fiber (2) is badly worn, replace points. Points that are burned or pitted should be replaced or dressed with a clean, fine-cut contact point file. Do not attempt to remove all roughness nor dress point surfaces down smooth; merely remove scale or dirt. Contact point file should not be used on other metal and should not be allowed to become greasy or dirty. Never use emery cloth or sandpaper to clean points, since particles will embed themselves and cause arcing and rapid burning of points.

Circuit breaker points should be replaced, if contact point pressure is not within prescribed limits of 14 to 18 oz. Check pressure with a spring gauge. The scale should be hooked to the breaker lever at an angle of 90 degrees with the point surface and reading taken just as points break. Excessive pressure causes rapid wear of fiber block, cam, and contact point. Insufficient pressure will permit high speed point bounce which will, in turn, cause arcing and burning of the points and missing of the engine.

Point faces must seat squarely against each other. If bent, square up by bending contact plate.

To replace a set of circuit breaker points, loosen screw (11) and slip condenser wire and connection from screw. Lift circuit breaker lever (12) from screw (11) and pivot stud (13). Remove screw (6) and circuit breaker contact point and support (14). Install new points in reverse order of disassembly. Position circuit breaker lever (12), lever notch registered with screw (11), between brass washer and condenser wire end. Be sure point faces seat squarely against each other. Adjust point gap as previously described in "Adjusting Circuit Breaker Points."

Lubricate breaker cam with a trace of grease when points are replaced or every 5000 miles. Also remove cam and lubricate shaft with very light grease Delco Remy No. 1960954 or equivalent. Replace cam in correct position.

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