Hd Spark Coils

Draws 1.5 ampheres. Current voltage output 15,000 to 18,000.

cable and dip new cable end in very light oil. Remove old cable and quickly install new cable making certain it bottoms in the coil. After cable is installed turn seal nuts down against rubber packing washers to secure and seal it.

When replacing cables do not heat coil too hot, doing so will soften sealing compound to the extent that cable holes through compound will close up as old cables are pulled out, blocking the insertion of new cables. If this happens, allow coll to cool and then form new cable holes using a piece of tubing with saw teeth filed in one end. Tubing should be of slightly larger diameter than cable. Holes through compound must be open so cables can be inserted all the way to their seats, where they contact high tension winding terminals; otherwise there is a gap in the high tension circuit and coil will not function.

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