Figure 2F-2. Filling Hydraulic Fork with Oil

Select a tin funnel (3) with the funnel mouth about the same size as the bottom of can (2). Swage and shape the funnel spout so that a piece of 1/4 in. metal tubing (4), about 2 in. long, (a piece of fuel line is suitable) can be soldered into it. Solder (3) onto the bottom of (2). Improvise and attach bail (1) to the filler can.

Make plug (7) from a rubber bottle stopper purchased from a drug store. Rubber stopper should be 1 In. to 1-1/8 in. long, and its largest diameter about S/t in.

Hold rubber stopper in vise and drill a 3/32 in. hole lengthwise through the center. Then enlarge the hole with a 1/4 In. drill. After hole is drilled In the stopper, Insert a 1/4 In. rod through the hole and grind

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