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Beginning with engine No. 54FLE2077, right crank-case bushing,part No. 24599-40, is locked in the case with two screws. This is to prevent the possibility of the bushing working out of its bore a sufficient distance to take up flywheel end play, and to prevent bushing from turning in case.

The right crankcase bushing now supplied on parts order for OHV models from 1940 through 1954 has two notches in its outside diameter which provide seats for lock screws. See ILLUS. 2. This applies to both standard and oversize bushings listed in parts catalog.

When overhauling OHV engines from 1940 and up to engine No. 54FLE2077, it is highly desirable to install a new notched bushing in right case and lock it. This is especially true of a bushing that may have bearing surfaces damaged as the result of gear shaft bearing surface breakdown. Where this has occurred, small particles of metal from gear shaft have most likely damaged the bearing surface of bushing, even though damage may not be apparent to the eye.

After installing and locking new bushing, refit bearing with roller bearing assembly 29650-54. This bearing is described under FIG. 3 of Shop Dope No. 348. This bearing has greater bearing area than earlier bearings used. Beginning with engine No. 54FL5010, this bearing was used in production for the remainder of the 1954 season.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING DRILL JIG: ILLUS. 1 shows component parts of die drill jig laid out in the order of assembly. Items 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 go to make up the part of the drill jig used in the flywheel side of the right crankcase. (Item 6) is the part of the drill jig used in thé cam case side of the right crankcase.

First remove the right crankcase bushing.

Items 1, 4 and 5, in ILLUS. 1, are shown correctly assembled in ELLUS. 3, for installation in the flywheel side of right crankcase. Keeping this assembly intact, insert the ends of locating pin (Item 1, — ILLUS. 1) and pilot (Item 5, ILLUS. 1) simultaneously; the end of die locating pin into the cam shaft bushing and the end of pilot into the right crankcase bushing bore. This will bring the drill plate (Item 4, ILLUS. 1) flat against the flywheel side of crankcase. Install the plain steel washer (Item 3, ILLUS. 1) on cap screw (Item 2, ILLUS. 1), and insert cap screw through the center of drill plate and pilot. This will bring the steel washer flat against the drill plate. From the cam case side start the clamping bar (Item 6, ILLUS. 1), with flat side facing out, on the end of cap screw. Keep clamping bar in a vertical position and pull cap screw down tight. ILLUS. 4 and 5 shows drill jig correctly installed.

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