taken in order to prevent tap breakage. Since the tap must go through both aluminum and steel, one of the best lubricants to use is a mixture of kerosene and lard oil. Work die tap clockwise and counterclockwise in order to keep the tap and hole free of shavings. Remove all burrs from tapped holes in crankcase bore. Install a crankcase bushing with notches provided for lock screws. The bushing must be installed in the crankcase with the oil groove in the inner face of bushing upward, and in line with the vertical center line of crankcase. This will align the two notches in the bushing with die lock screw holes.

Install the two lock screws and bottom them tight against the bushing. Use a suitable punch to upset threads at one point at end of screws to prevent them from loosening and working out.

The Part No. of the lock screw is 24608-54.

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