NOTE: The right crankcase bushing should fit into its bore from .002" to .003" tight at normal room temperature. In other words, from .002" to .003" press fit.

When removing or installing a bushing it is recommended that crankcase be heated. This is especially desirable when installing a bushing in order to avoid the possibility of misalignment when starting the. bushing into its bore.

If it is found that a standard size bushing has loosened to size to size fit in bore, fit a .002" oversize bushing. If it is found that a bushing has loosened and turned in bore, and as a result has increased the diameter of bore, fit a .005" oversize bushing, if from .002" to .003" press fit can be obtained. If the bore is worn to the point where a .005" oversize bushing cannot be used, send the crankcase to the factory to be rebored for a 1/32" oversize bushing.

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