(Standard) (.001" oversize) (.002" oversize) (.003" oversize) (.004" oversize) (.006" oversize)

Bronze guides which you now have in stock under above part numbers can be used up by using in intake valve position in Big Twin OHV engines.

Important :

Some bronze valve guides in your stock under above part numbers may have a female thread in the valve guide hole which is intended to improve valve stem lubrication. Such guides are not approved for use in intake position, because excessive oil may pass by valve stem into combustion chamber. Therefore, use only guides with a smooth bore for intake position. Examine all of your bronze guides under above part numbers to determine if guide bore is threaded. Return threaded bronze guides to the factory for credit or exchange.

INSTALLING HIGH LIFT CAM GEAR - PART NO. 25522-51K (This cam gear is to be used only in 1948 and later 74 O.H.V. engine)

When this cam is installed the valves will be opened an additional 1/32" therefore it will be necessary to check the dimensions shown on drawing to be sure there will be at least .020" clearance between upper valve spring collar and end of valve guide when valve is open. When valve is on seat as shown this dimension should be at least

If engine is not to be removed from chassis and reconditioned at time of installation i it will be necessary to at least remove and disassemble heads so dimension given above j can be checked.

I After any needed refacing and reseating of valves is completed install each valve, up; per spring collar and keepers for check. The parts used when making this check should j be used in final assembly of engine in the same locations as when check was made.

If upper collar does not have the required 7/16" clearance from guide grind end of

| guide off with hand grinder if available. If suitable grinder is not available re-

| move guide so that it can be shortened with tools available. Bear in mind that if

; ij guide is removed and replaced it will be necessary to true up valve seat to conform

I with guides new location.

jjj; When installing cam gear ascertain that end play is correct. This should be .001" to

\ i: •°°5" adjusted by variable thickness washer - ftirt No. 664-36

Intake Valve Guides is now being »ade avaUabîe ^ r^l^nV^lL" *"" t0 ^ f°r Reason

The steel intake valve guides will be supplied for parts order under the following part numbers:


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