To install gear, turn tool screw (B) into end of pinion shaft and tighten securely. Position gear, locating collar (A), and body (C) as shown in Illus. (3). Turn tool body to press gear into position until locating collar firmly contacts joint face of crankcase . This will properly position gear with flywheel assembly shifted to the right to the extent of its side play in crankcase. Then when flywheel assembly shifts to its running position, pinion gear will have some clearance from bronze bushing in gear case cover.

After gear has been installed, replace screw and carefully stake edge of screw head into one slot in end of shaft. If screw is not in place, oil pressure will be lost.

The screw in the end of the pinion shaft must, of course, be out when there is occasion to true flywheel assembly on truing device, catalog No. 11962-X. Before installing assembly between truing device centers, examine center in end of pinion shaft for burrs raised by screw head staking. Burrs found must be removed, otherwise flywheel assembly cannot be accurately trued.

Only the new shaft with screw is now furnished on parts orders under catalog old No. 356-39 (catalog new No. 24007-39.)

It is suggested that you place your order for this tool at once as engines with press fit pinion shafts have been going out for some time and there may be occasion any day to render some service requiring the removal and reinstallation of pinion gear.


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