Figure 4D-5. Hand Shifter Cover -Exploded View


Remove shaft lock screw (1). Shaft (2) may then be driven out, using the edge of a discarded valve as a drift. Drive on stem end with light hammer taps, with valve head in groove at end of shaft. With shaft removed, shifter cam (4) is free to come out of cover.

Remove cotter pin (5) from shifter lever shaft. Wedge screwdriver between shifter gear and inside of cover. Tap screwdriver in to force gear off shaft. Shifter lever (6) and leather washer (7) can then be pulled out of cover.

Remove cam plunger cap screw (10) and ball spring (11). Plunger ball (12) is then free to drop out of cover (13).


Clean all parts except cam shaft oil seal (3), and shifter lever leather washer in grease solvent and blow dry with compressed air.

Inspect shifter lever fit in bronze bushing (14). Remove worn bushing as follows: Thread a 5/8 in. tap into bushing about 1/2 in. deep. Remove tap and heat case around bushing to about 300 degrees. Replace tap and clamp in vise. Tap cover with rawhide mallet or block of wood and hammer until cover is driven off bushing.

Inspect gear teeth on shifter cam and shifter gear. If wear is deep, replace parts. Slightly worn parts may be used safely with no impairment to proper function.

Inspect shifter cam slots and plunger ball seats for excessive wear. Cam track and ball seats must be sharp edged. Compare with new part if possible. Replace cam if slots are worn.

Inspect oil seal (3) and cover gasket (15) and replace if broken or in questionable condition.


It is necessary to time shifter lever gear to gear on shifter cam. Install shifter gear spring (9) and shifter gear (8) in cover with spring located over gear hub and timing mark between gear teeth to outside (facing cover bushing). Install shifter cam (4) so notch in gear tooth is aligned with timing mark on shifter gear. Install shifter lever and shaft assembly (6), with square end of shaft in hole in gear with shifting lever pointed toward left, front screw hole in cover, and leather washer (7) between lever and cover bushing.

Insert cotter pin in shaft hole.

Place shifter cam in cover with timing mark on teeth registered with timing mark between teeth on side of shifter lever gear.

Install shifter cam shaft (2) and secure with lock screw. Be sure oil seal is in place in widest groove in right end of shaft. Shifter cam end play should be .0005 in. to .0065 in. If greater, install shim washer of desired thickness. If less than desired amount, file boss in case until recommended play has been achieved.


Remove three shifter lever screws (1), and remove lever (2) and dust shield (3). Remove five long shifter cover screws (4) and one short screw (5) by removing nut (6) located on rear of adapter plate (16). The pawl carrier cover (7), gasket (8), and pawl carrier (9) are then free to be removed. The pawls (10 and 11), pawl spring (12), and pawl carrier springs (13) are under compression and will pop out when pawl carrier is removed. Remove adapter plate bracket screw (14) and washer (15) to free adapter plate (16) and gasket (17).

Remove neutral indicator switch (18) from cover. Bend back ear on cam follower retainer washer (20) and remove retainer (19), washer (20), spring (21) and cam follower (22).

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