Oil pressure switch 11.

Cover stud nut and washer 12.

Oil pump cover 13.

Cover gasket 14.

Lock ring 15.

Scavenger pump drive gear 16.

Gear key 17.

Scavenger pump idler gear 18. Oil pump body mounting stud nuts and washers (2) 19.

Oil pump body 20.

Oil pump gear drive shaft Feed pump drive gear Feed pump gear key. Feed pump idler gear By-pass valve plug By-pass valve spring By-pass valve Check valve spring cover screw Check valve spring Check valve ball

21. Chain oiler adjusting screw lock nut

22. Chain oiler adjusting screw

23. Chain oiler adjusting screw washer

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 3D-1. Oil Pump - Exploded View chassis. The oil pump may be disassembled, piece-by-piece without removing gearcase cover, with engine in chassis as follows:

Disconnect oil lines and oil pressure switch (1) from pump. See Fig. 3D-1A. Remove four nuts and washers (2) from gearcase studs, that hold oil pump cover in place. Remove oil pump cover (3) and gasket (4). Remove lock ring (5) , scavenger pump drive gear (6), gear key (7) and scavenger pump idler gear

(8). Remove two oil pump body mounting stud nuts

(9) and slip pump body (10) off studs and gear drive shaft (11). Remove oil feed pump drive gear (12), key (13) and idler gear (14).

Turn relief valve plug (15) out of pump body and remove relief valve spring (16) and valve (17). Remove check valve spring cover screw (18), valve spring (19) and ball (20).

loosen chain oiler adjusting screw lock nut (21) and turn in adjusting screw (22). Count the turns necessary to bottom screw then remove. Bottom and turn out same number of turns when assembling.

To remove oil pump unit from gearcase with engine removed from chassis, remove gearcase cover screws, cover and gasket. Turn pinion gear nut off pinion shaft using the special tool, Gear Shaft Nut Socket Wrench, Part No. 94555-55 (left hand thread). Pull pinion gear using Pinion Gear Puller and Installer, Part No. 96830-51, remove key, spring, spacing collar and oil pump pinion shaft gear. Pry spring ring off pump drive gear shaft and remove drive gear and key. Remove six pump body nuts (2

1. Oil supply line from tank

2. Oil return line to tank

3. Vent line to oil tank

4. Front chain oiler line to chain housing

Figure 3D-1A. Oil Pump and Connecting Lines and 9) and slip pump with drive shaft (11) out of gearcase. Pump is then disassembled as above.

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