Initial Servicing Of New Motorcycle

At First 250 Miles

1 At the first 250 miles, check front chain to make sure it is receiving required amount of oJ for

chain lubrication, also apply to rear chain. 2. Check adjustment of chains. Readjust if needed.

At First 750 Miles exceeding 2000 miles. In extremely dusty serv ice or when service is exceptionally hard, also in winter weather, oil must be changed at much Sorter than normal intervals. See "Engine Lubrication," ...ยป

2 Check level of oil in transmission and add oil u needed. Use same grade of oil used in engine. See "Transmission Lubrication,

3. Lubricate all points indicated for 750 mile attention on Lubrication Chart.

4. Oil all control joints, namely, clutch, gear shifter brakes front brake control wire, and spark ana throUle control wires at ends of their respective housings. ,

5 If motorcycle is equipped with air cleaner, m-spit and service if needed. See "Servicing Air Cleaner."

6. Check adjustment of chains and readjust if needed. Again, check lubrication of front chain and readjust chain oiler if found necessary. Clean and lubricate rear chain.

7. Check adjustment of brakes. Readjust controls if needed.

8. Check wheel mounting socket screws and tighten if needed. These screws must be kept very tight.

9. Check axle nuts and fork rocker plate stud nuts for looseness.

10. Check level of battery solution and add distilled water if needed. See that terminals are clean and connections tight.

11. Inspect all wiring connections and tighten any found loose. Check switches, lights, etc.

12. Check carburetor-manifold cap screws and manifold nuts.

13. Road test motorcycle to check carburetor adjustment and all-around performance.

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