Instrument Panel Signal Lights

Red light marked "GEN" in center of instrument panel indicates whether or not generator is charging.

Red light marked "OIL" in center of instrument panel indicates whether or not oil is circulating.

All Models: When switch is turned "ON" preparatory to starting engine, both lights should go "ON." (Exception: When switch is turned "ON" immediately after engine has been primed by cranking, oil pressure signal may not light, but will light after a few seconds. This is due to oil pressure built up by cranking and is most likely to be noticed in cold weather.)

With engine started and running at a fair idling speed, both lights should go "OFF." At slow idling speed or under about 20 miles per hour road speed in high gear, generator signal will normally flash "ON" and "OFF" because at that speed generator output is very low and unsteady.

Should generator signal fail to go "OFF" at speeds above approximately 20 miles per hour, generator is either not charging at all or its output is not up to normal and it should be inspected at once.

Should oil circulation signal fail to go "OFF", at speeds above idling, it is most likely due to: empty oil tank; oil supply badly diluted, or using very light grade of oil and pump not building up normal pressure; if freezing weather, oil feed pipe may be clogged with ice or sludge. However, it may be: grounded oil signal switch wire, faulty signal switch; or oil pump in bad order. Give due attention to oil supply and, if signal still does not operate normally, check to see if oil returns to tank. To do this, remove oil tank cap and, with engine running, look for pulsating return of oil. A small flashlight is an aid in making this check. If oil is returning, motorcycle can be driven slowly, but no further than absolutely necessary before checking and servicing oiling system. If oil is not returning, do not drive further before having the fault corrected, as engine is likely to be damaged.

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