M-35S M-36 M-U U-lllF M-lOL M-iilLF M-US M-51 M-51F M-51L J£-5lLF M-75 M-75F

Carb. Size

1" 1" 1" If" if" if» If If if if"


t if

Venturi Size

7/8« 7/8» 7/8» 1-1/16» 1-1/16» 1-1/16» 1-1/16» 1-5/16» 1-1/16» 1-1/16» 1-1/8» 1-1/8» 1-1/8« 1-1/8« 1-1/8» 1-1/16» 1-1/16» 1-1/8» 1-1/8» 1-5/16» 1-1/16» 1-1/16» 1-1/8» 1-1/8» 1-5/16» 1-5/16»

Small Idle Hole Nearest Manifold Flange

(Drill Size")

#70 #70 #70 #70 #70 #72 #70 #70 #70 #72 #72 #72 #72 #70 #70 #70 #70 #72 #70 #70 #70 #70 #72 #72

Idle Hole slot

Farthest From Width Manifold Flange (Drill Size)



.009» .009« .009» .009» .009» .009» .009» .0155" .009" .009» .009» .0155" .0155" .0155" .0155»

.009" .009" .009" .009" .020» .009» .009» .009» .009» .020» .020»

(Model numbers followed by letter 'V n. »pi« ,,t „ --

on California Highway Patrol m^rsf) ^ ^ LF ^ carburetors used

5. Clean out the slot of all 1" and li" ™ v ^

.009 ' blade (this tool has plain hafd e*) through t^ T iTl^ ^ t001 the Use the tool with .0155" blade (this t^o £ £. Slot between the two idle holes out the slot in M25, M35, T ^^ it8 handle) cLan blade (this tool has 3 rings aiou^d U h ndl .Use the tODl with -020"

It carburetors. 6 ° lts han"e) to clean the slot in M75 and M75F

7. Clean out the low speed (idle) , size. All earlier 1^» and l*» "m" T S6&t h°le with the P^per drill

Later Model M-35, M-I5S, M.yf and M-?5F T ^^ ^ the drill.

nhnvo ___X . - m~IOr3 Jl^r car bur c _ ___-,-,

aW the seat hole and for these VelLL^llV^' ^ a Smaller ch^nnel

(this tool, has two rings aroindits handle!All 7Sioh haS & 5ma11- handle, with the #56L drill. S n&nile)> All model 1" carburetors are cleaned

8. Blow out all channels nnH

, „ " "lth °0nPreS59d »"> P«t. in gasoline.

y. Re-assemble the parts beine sui-p t i the spring and carburetor b^dT^i^ssembn™ ^^ "at °r Washer is bet™een

7 wnen assembling the low speed lift lever and needle valve assembly back into place. This spring seat or washer limits the air bleed to the idle system and must be in place, otherwise carburetor cannot be adjusted for satisfactory engine idling.

Be sure the throttle disc is assembled in the barrel properly and closes off tight Have the correct side of disc up or toward the flange and with the lines you scratched lining up with each other exactly. Push up the shaft collar on the throttle shaft fi.rmly against the body before tightening the throttle disc screws. The throttle lever should be clamped to the shaft with the disc wide open and with the throttle lever wide-open stop against the body lug and with wear take-up spring between the throttle lever and bearing.

CffOSS JfC T'OH Of 5

3H0uvir~iG fL. OA T

CffOSS JfC T'OH Of 5

3H0uvir~iG fL. OA T

TOP /if kV or ST^KO* sHA/O 7" O f fi. T-


10. If the carburetor bowl continually leaks or runs over, remove it from the carburetor body and first remove all dirt by cleaning it out with gasoline and compressed air. Hold the bowl up-side-down so that the float valve closes and suck on the bottom of the float valve seat. The valve and seat should hold this suction. If the valve and seat leak after repeated testing, replace with a new float valve and float valve seat.

11. If the float is damaged or "logged" replace with a new float. Remove the old float by cutting the seal around the float screw which fastens the float to the float lever. The seal can be cut with a pocket knife. Remove the float screw and assemble the new float to the lever. This should be done with the float valve, float valve lever flnn+

gasket assembled in the bowl Before «T ^ S°reWS' float valve and follows: Looking down onT^l J"""1* ^

toward you to the limit of slot in , , Slde awa7 from y°u* Pull float line of bowl. This provided nLssfr"t^S ^ ^ t0 left °f cement the top of the float .oTe,to^^ the fl°at screw and a mixture of celluloid dissolved i„ DU?°nt ?o«»ehold Cement or with has dried thoroughly check the fl<mt^ cement

12. Check float level, and if necessary re-set to A" u float lever with bowl held up-side-down ton of ALt I ^^ Erectly opposite adjusting Linkert carburetor float Tonotl^Lll 1° tOP °f bowl)' float lever upward in some nanaer withm^ H P J? d° S° by "^P1* bendi*g in this manner bends and spread^rm^r^®"1?5 ^^ b°Wl' «e-djufting fits, and thus develops lost motion be^LrfwT/^0^ ^ head °f float assembly should be removed ^^^^ver aThfrcdifree m between after the lever is assembled in b , b 5 ^ance can also be checked a small rod against the valve head in « ^ P °lng * Sm&11 screw or firmly against the seat and Jet not bind thP ° "V^ " WU1 hold the ™lve will then show the amount of actual fT' M°ViRg the lever UP and down If this clearance is excessfve th" f^oat head and" fingers! assembHng note that float ^ £ ^

at the tanks. Be sure to pull up th°f™igh? w^ fX^V" ^

ADJUSTING CARBURETOR ON ENanra 14. In adjusting the carburetor i

«t throttle lever stop .„."S ^ J" ^TpeT^ ^ ™°°th ably fast idling. - - - — maae, and with throttl e stop set for reason-

high speed adjustment slight^ rich rather than1^ ^ " ±S advisable to set speed mixture causes overheating 33 lea" Possible a lean high

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