Lubricating Rear Chain

Applying to rear chain not lubricated with rear chain oiler:

Under dry, hard surface road operation, apply engine oil at 750-mile intervals. Under dusty, wet or muddy conditions, oil chain daily with a very light oil.

Occasionally chain should have additional lubrication as follows:

Remove chain from motorcycle. Soak and wash thoroughly in a pan of kerosene. After removing chain from kerosene, hang it up for a time to allow kerosene to drain off.

Immerse for a short time in a pan of grease heated to consistence of light engine oil. If grease and facilities for heating are not at hand, substitute light engine oil. While immersed, move chain around to be sure that hot grease or oil works through all inside parts.

After removing from hot grease or oil, allow chain to drain and wipe all surplus grease or oil from surface of chain.

Install chain on motorcycle. Inspect connecting link and spring clip closely for bad condition. Replace if at all questionable. Be sure spring clip is properly and securely locked on pin ends.

Applying to rear chain lubricated with rear chain oiler:

A few motorcycles are equipped with rear chain oiler that automatically lubricates chain. Instructions applying to front chain lubrication, also apply to f-ear chain except that standard factory setting of rear chain oiler adjusting screw is Yi turn open.

Occasionally chain should have additional lubrication as explained above for chain not automatically lubricated.

ILLUS. 3 Adjusting Front Chain Oiler
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