The engine is lubricated by a pressure system circulating oil from the tank through the moving parts and back to tank. For adequate lubrication the tank must contain an ample supply of clean oil at all times.

Oil consumption varies from 250 to 500 miles per quart depending on the nature of service, solo or sidecar, fast or moderate driving, and how well the engine is kept tuned. If mileage is not within this range, see following engine overhaul section.

Remove tank cap and check oil supply at not more than 300 miles after each complete refill. If level is down near "Refill" mark on gauge rod, add oil. When level is down to "Refill" mark, add two quarts. Engine will run cooler and usage will be less with oil level well up in tank.

The oil tank capacity is one gallon. The tank is full when the oil level is about one inch from top. Do not fill above this level. The tank needs some air space. Tighten the cap securely to prevent leakage.

Change oil in new engine after first 750 miles, service at about 2,000 mile intervals thereafter. Completely drain oil tank of used oil and refill with fresh oil. If service is extremely hard, hot, on dusty roads or in competition, drain and refill at shorter intervals. Draining should be done while oil is hot. It is not necessary to drain the crankcase for it does not accumulate more than about 5 oz. of oil at any time. At the time of the first 750 mile oil change, and along with at least every second oil change thereafter, thoroughly flush and clean out tank with kerosene to remove any sediment and sludge that may have accumulated.

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