Prepare for disassembly as described in paragraph above. Turn out steering damper adjusting screw (1) and lift out parts 2 through 9. Parts 5, 7 and 9 may be loosened by inserting a screwdriver tip between parts and prying upward.

Turn off stem nut (10). Remove upper bracket bolts and washers (11) and lift off bracket cover (12) and upper bracket (13). Remove head bearing nut (14). Lift out upper head bearing (15) and slip fork assembly out of frame steering head.

NOTE: Frame head bearing Lock Nut Wrench, Part No. 96219-50, is used to remove nuts (10) and (14).

Remove slider tube plugs (16) and loosen clamping studs (17). Slip fork tube and slider assembly (22) out of bracket (21). Slider tube and slider disassembly is the same as described for non-adjustable fork.

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