Block motorcycle under frame until front wheel is clear of ground. Disassemble in following order:

Remove the cotter pin (1), axle nut (2) and flat washer f3) SeVvi-Car wheel disassembly includes removing bushings (4); also remove the five wheel mounting socket sc r e ws (5), loosen the two right slider-cap^nuts (7) and remove axle (6). Remove front wheel, leaving the brake drum in its place over the brake shoes.

when reolacing the wheel, assemble in reverse order. F^rst secure^ ighten wheel mounting socket screws S Ind axle ^(2), and then tighten the two right slider cap nuts (7). This will insure correct alignment of fork sides.


Elevate motorcycle rear wheel with Service Stand, Elevate motor y ^ blQcking under {rame

Remove two rear screws from fender support and raise end of fender as shown in Fig. 2C-2 Remov the five socket screws (4) that secure wheel to brake Hrnrr, The socket screw wrench can be inserted oi at the rear of axle; turn wheel to bring each screw to this position.

Remove axle nut (3) and axle nut lock washer (2). Remove axle (1) from brake drum:side of mo* cvcle and then remove spacer (5) from^ betwee wheel hub and right axle clip. Apply rear brake and remove wheel.

Figure 2C-1. Removing Front Wheel

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