Drive Gear Pin

Oil Centrifuge (Side Valve Models) Drive Gear Generator Clutch

Clutch Spring Collar (O.H.V. Models) Drive End Spring Oil Deflector

Drive End Bearing (large) Spring Ring Felt Oil Retainer

Frame End Screw (same as Item 12) Pole Shoe Screw (same as Item 11) Frame

Shunt Field Coil (White identification mark)

Pole Shoe (same as Item 16)


Regulating Field Coil (Orange identification mark)

Armature Steel Spacer (.025")

Armature Bakelite Washer

Armature Steel Spacer (.072")

Frame End

Terminal Screw (same as Items 29 and 32)

Brush Holder (same as Item 31)

Brush (same as Item 34)

Brush Holder Bolt

Lock Washer

Field Coil Terminal

Field Coil Terminal Insulation

Positive Brush Holder Insulation

External Terminal Bolt Terminal Bolt Bushing Insulating Washer Shakeproof Lock Washer Nut

Grease Retainer, Inner Gasket

Commutator End Bearing Spacing Shim (.020") Spring Ring (l >i6* diameter) Bearing Housing Lock Washer Armature Shaft Nut Generator End Plate Gasket

Grease Retainer, Outer Screw (same as Item 55) End Cover

Plain Washer (same as Item 61) Shakeproof Lock Washer Condenser Wire Insulating Washer

( Later Models' end

-secures condenser to generator frame


Lock Washer . Condenser

Nut 1

Lock Washer [ Earlier Models—secures condenser to

Shakeproof Lock Washer f commutator end cover Screw J

Mica Capacitor, .0005 mf (used only with General Electric ultra-high-frequency receiver)

FOOTNOTE: Illus. 80 applies to radio (three brush) generator, except endplate (50).

Instead of endplate (50) Illus. 80, the following parts shown in Illus. 79 are used—third (regulating) brush holder (50), third (regulating) brush (48) and terminal screw (49).

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