Reference to vertical and horizontal Centerlines applies to bracket and fork stem as positioned on arbor press (see Fig. 2F-12).

If both legs are twisted, place bracket assembly on arbor press as shown in Fig. 2F-13 with blocks placed under two low legs only (A and B). With press block placed across bracket and bar assembly, press until high legs (C and D) are in alignment.

If one leg is bent, place bracket and bar assembly on three straightening blocks, two blocks under straight leg and one block under low end of other leg. Place press block diagonally across bracket assembly to high leg until high leg is forced down and into alignment with the other three leg ends.

Place the fork stem and bracket assembly on the four straightening blocks located on the surface plate (see Fig. 2F-14). If the legs rest squarely on straightening blocks, the bracket assembly is correctly trued on a horizontal plane. If bracket is not true, press again, checking alignment after each operation.

Use a square to check if bracket assembly is bent, distorted or out of parallel on a horizontal plane as shown in Fig. 2F-15. Place bracket and bar assembly in a heavy vise and straighten using the Bending Bar.

Check fork stem alignment with Fork Stem and Bracket Aligning Gauge as shown in Fig. 2F-16. Use Bending Bar to bring stem into position. Recheck the fork completely.


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