Carburetors returned for conversion must be complete with all fittings and they must not be mutilated or altered in any manner. Carburetors incomplete, "beaten-up" beyond normal wear and tear, or carburetors with one or more body holes changed in size are not acceptable for conversion. Carburetors with paint removed as a result of cleaning in carburetor cleaning chemical axe acceptable if not otherwise defaced or altered.

The manufacturers numbers of carburetors not acceptable for conversion are: M-35; M-35T; M-35TP; M-25; M-75; and no carburetor model in the group. Carburetors, if complete, other than M-36 and M-45, are acceptable for exchange on the basis of our

NOTE! Conversions from Harley factory no longer available

-IT1*1161** eXChmge Plm OUtllneâ m ^ 36 °f ^ accessory catalog. This exchange pewits you w select «y desired carturetor model for ^ ^ ret Jed™8

Applying to aU 1950 O.H.V. carburetors (»-36; M-fi[,G1; H.?4) ^ and limited father M* speed ^ ^ * 1

performance Is normally about l{- turn, open. needle for best

A carburetors are further Identified by a "Green paint dot" about 1/4» m dl

-eter on body near air intake end; M-45 carburetor has a "Red paint dot -

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