Oil Bath Type Cleaner

A few motorcycles are in service equipped with an oil bath type air cleaner.

CWn and refill air cleaner oil cup at least each time engine oU tank is drained and refilled. Service frequently under dusty conditions.

Remove oil cup and baffle, thoroughly clean them andTemito indicated level with samegradeofnew rvil as used in engine. Do not fill oil cup acove fndicateToiMevel as a higher level will res net passage of air through cleaner and u^t carburehon to the* extent that engine may not start atallor at best run very irregularly. The effect is the same as running with choke partially or fully closed.

When reassembling, observe that oil cup gasto is in place and make sure oil cup and baffle are moDeSv seated against gasket and secured to cleaner housing. Careless assembly is likely to resSt L an oil leak between cup and cleaner housing and possibly a lost cup.

Occasionally, at time of servicing oil cup, complete cleaner should be removed from motorcycle and immersed for a time in a bucket of gasoline or kero-for solvent). Cleaner element, which cannot be removed from housing, must be thoroughly flushed to wlsh out accumulated dirt. After nushmg dry thoroughly (use an air hose if available) and apply a fewlquirts of engine oil to inside of cleaner element. using oil can.

Note: Observe instructions on air cleaner body.

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