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How to install intake manifold (1948-54)

1. Loosen cylinder base nuts and cylinder head bolts. 2. Install intake manifold after close inspection to be certain that surface of the portion to join head is not bent, or out of round. 3. Use new brass packing gaskets. 4. Put manifold in place. Start large manifold flange nuts, aligning the manifold with flange, and tighten one nut snugly. 5. With a soft mallet, or screw driver, pry or tap the manifold to where it slips forward seating it to flange in head. Then with a pencil, mark manifold where it lines up with nut. 6. Then shove it back until it seats up against rear flange and mark with pencil. 7. Then move forward until you have equal amount of space between the two penciled markings and the nut facings. 8. Tighten securely the two big nuts. 9. Tighten cylinder nuts.

To determine if connections leak squirt light weight oil around one manifold flange (at main nut) at a time. If there is a leak, smoke will come out Repeat with other flange.

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