Void 102-148 Rocker Arm socket. Order rocker arm instead.

Add 109-148 Welsh plug for rocker arms, small 0. H.V. Models

Add 109-UgA welsh plug for rocker arms, large O.H.V. Models

Void 263-148 Oil control ring (Police). Use 22374-49 oil control ring.

Void 266-148 Oil control ring. Use 22374-49 oil control ring.

Change 2bo-4lA Oil control ring to 19I4I to 19U7 74" O.H.V. for City police

(liote: 26&-141A is also to be used in all early 19148 74"O.H.V.)

Change 587-41 to read I9HI-I9I47 0.H.-V. Do not use 19% style pump on 1948

motors, or 1948 pump on earlier motors..

Add 587-U8 Oil pump assembly 19I48 O.K.V. models

Change 683-41 Oil pump cover plate to I9I+I to I9U7 O.H.V.

Add 683-149 Oil pump cover plate I9I48 to 19I49 O.K.V.

Void 703-43 Check valve spring

Change 703-36 Check valve spring to 1936-61" O.K.V., 1937 to 19I49

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