Removing And Replacing Pinion Shaft Gear In Later Ohv Engines

1951 O.H.V. motorcycles with engine numbers above 5IFL6137 and 51EL697 6 are fitted with the new style pinion shaft. This new shaft is slightly larger than earlier shafts to assure a permanent tight fit in the pinion gear. It is enough larger so that pinion gear is definitely a press fit (up to .002" press) and the special tool illustrated and described is a definite requirement with which to properly install pinion gear on shaft, or remove gear. Do not attempt to drive pinion gear on this shaft as the driving force required is very likely to also drive flywheel assembly out of alignment. New shaft can be readily identified by the screw in its end, which plugs the threaded hole (5/l6 x 24 left thread), provided for attachment of special tool when used in installing gear. Screw must also be out when pulling gear so that roller tip of puller screw seats in shaft center.

ILLUS. 1 Pinion Gear Removing And Installing Tool Catalog No. 96830-51.

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