Replacing Front Brake Control Cable

Remove control cable lower clevis clamp nut and pull cable out of clevis. Next, remove cotter pin and flat washer from handlever hollow pin and pull pin out of lever. Control cable can now be pulled out of housing.

Insert new control cable in housing (at handlever end). Make sure lower end of cable is inserted through adjusting sleeve. Apply grease or engine oil io new cable as it is being inserted. Handlever hollow pin must be reassembled before lower end of cable is connected. Narrow slot in pin straddles cable. Replace flat washer and cotter pin at end of hollow pin.

Pull cable taut making sure control cable housing is seated in recess in handlever bracket and in adjusting sleeve and that handlever is tight against its bracket. With cable pulled taut, insert it through cable clamp nut, through clevis and back through nut and adjust cable so there will be l3/*" of cable between end of adjusting sleeve and end of clevis. Holding cable in this position, install cable clamp nut on clevis and tighten nut securely. Cut off excess wire.

Adjust control, by means of adjusting sleeve, so that handlever moves freely about one-quarter of its full range of movement before brake begins to take effect. Tighten adjusting sleeve lock nut.


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