Replacing Main Drive Gear Oil Seal

MAIN DRIVE GEAR OIL SEAL TOOL. Main Drive Gear Oil Seal Tool, Part No. 95660-42, (Fig. 4D-1) enables removing worn or damaged oil seal and installing new seal without removing or disassembling transmission. It may be used on transmission removed from chassis as well. To use, transmission must be assembled with the exception of clutch and countershaft sprocket.

REMOVING OIL SEAL. Shift transmission into low gear and lock rear wheel brake to prevent parts from turning while disassembling.

Remove outer front chain guard, engine sprocket, front chain, clutch assembly, inner chain guard, countershaft sprocket and rear chain.

Place sleeve (C, Fig. 4D-1) on end of main drive gear and slide body (B) over sleeve with body stop rod downward. Turn body clockwise until stop bears against transmission case or mounting plate. Hold body in this position and insert center punch (E) through each of the three holes in body and center punch oil seal as shown in Fig. 4D-2.

Figure 4D-2. Centerpunching Screw Hole Locations

Remove body and drill a 3/32 in. hole through metal face of oil seal at each punch mark. Replace body and insert the three self-tapping screws (D) through body and into oil seal. Tighten screws until body is against oil seal.

Turn actuating screw (A) into body and continue turning as shown in Fig. 4D-3 until oil seal is free. Discard oil seal and oil seal cork washer found behind seal.

INSTALLING OIL SEAL. Remove burrs with scraper from outer edge of oil seal recess in transmission

Figure 4D-4. Installing Oil Seal

Figure 4D-3. Pulling Oil Seal where metal was staked to secure seal. Position new cork gasket.

Coat lip of oil seal with oil or grease to prevent damage to new seal.

Insert sleeve (C, Fig. 4D-1) into oil seal. Place sleeve and seal on main drive gear with lip side of seal toward transmission case. Turn seal so it will not stake at same points old seal was staked.

Place body on sleeve and turn actuating screw into body as far as it will go without pulling body away from seal. Install mainshaft clutch hub nut and turn it in against actuating screw as shown in Fig. 4D-4. Back out actuating screw until body has pushed oil seal into place and body is tight against end of gear box.

Remove tool and stake case into notches in seal.

After assembly is complete, check clutch control adjustment.

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