Rough Check for Fork Alignment

Obtain a perfectly straight 7/16" diameter round bar about 30" long. Turn down one end of rod to 3/8" diameter for a distance of approximately 1".

Rough check rigid fork for alignment as follows: Temporarily install a steering damper screw in fork stem upper end. Referring to Illus. 146, pass 7/16" bar through hole in fork center stem with 3/8" diameter end entering hole in steering damper screw to determine if fork sides are parallel with center stem. As shown in illustration the fork side tips should be 3-45/64" from the sides of test bar.

Upper end fork sides and fork stem must be spaced to fit handlebar mounting holes.

Fork sides can be checked for relative alignment by using two perfectly straight 5/16" diameter round bars at least 18" long. Referring to Illus. 147, note that fork is to be supported in horizontal position on level blocks or by clamping center stem in a vise. Insert one rod through holes in lower fork tips and lay the other squarely across upper end of forks. Sight across the two rods and note their relative alignment. If they are not in close alignment, either one or both of the fork sides are not straight, or possibly the fork sides are straight enough, but they are out of alignment with each other, or across the fork, due to a twist in the fork crown.

This method of checking fork alignment is recommended only in connection with emergency repair. Except in emergency, fork straightening and aligning should be referred to a shop where any needed straightening equipment and more accurate aligning gauges are available.

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