Special Instructions

Note: If predominating service conditions are either wet or muddy, or very dusty, the 750 andl500

mile greasing intervals should be reduced to 500 and

1000 miles respectively.

15—Every 5000 miles, or at least once a year, pack generator commutator end bearing with high melting point grease (Harley-Davidson grade A grease). See "Lubricating Commutator tnd Armature Bearing,"

16—Lubricate front wheel brake handlever and control cable every 750 miles or whenever operation of brake indicates lubrication is necessary.

17—21—Twice a year, or whenever operation of grips indicates lubrication is necessary, remove grips and clean parts, then apply grease (Harley-Davidson "Chassis" grease) and reassemble. See "Servicing Handlebar Controls,"

18—If engine is equipped with air cleaner wash with gasoline or solvent, and reoil. at least each time engine oil tank is drained and refilled. Service more frequently under dusty conditions; daily under extremely ^dusty conditions, bee "Servicing Air Cleaner,"

19—Drain engine oil tank and refill with fresh oil at least every 2000 miles. In dusty service, and in winter weather, change oil oftener. bee "Engine Lubrication." and very carefully read complete information given.

20—Pack steering head bearings with high melting point-grease (Harley-Davidson grade A grease) everv 50,000 miles, or whenever there is occasion to remove rigid fork for repair or replacement of parts. See "Removing and Installing Forks.

22—Remove fUler plug and check transmission oil level every two weeks or every 1000 miles, whichever comes first, and add oil U necessary. Fill to level of filler opening. See "Transmission Lubrication,"

CONTROLS- To keep controls working freely, all control joints which are not provided with grease fitting should be oiled regularly with oil can. particularly after washing motorcycle or operating in we weather Spark, throttle and front brake control wires should also be oiled at ends of control wrre housings near circuit breaker, carburetor and front brake respectively.

DRIVE CHAINS: (See "Lubricating Drive Chains/'

CIRCUIT BREAKER CAM: Apply a very light coating of grease to cam every 1000 miles.

SPEEDOMETER: Every 15,000 miles lubricate speedometer core. This necessitates removing speedometer head, disconnecting core housing from transmission and removing core. Place about a tablespoon-ful of special speedometer core lubricant in one hand and feed core through the grease and into the hous-inq Under no circumstances should housing be filled with grease. See "Removing and Installing Speedometer Head and Drive Core,"

SIDECAR: Four grease fittings are provided. One at each end of frame rear cross tube (brake cross shaft bearings); one on brake side operating shaft); one on wheel hub. Lubncatehub at 1500 mile intervals; other bearings at 750 mile intervals. Oil sidecar brake linkage regularly with oil can.

Be careful about over-greasing wheel hubs, brake operating shafts and front wheel brake cover bushing, as excess grease working out of these bearings or bushings not only develops a messy condition, but is also likely to get onto brake linings, which ww greatly reduce efficiency of brakes.

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