Three Brush Generator

8. Remove steel and fibre washers from armature shaft (18, 19 and 20).

9. Take generator out of vise and remove frame end screws (8) and (12). If gasket is still on end of generator frame, it will have to be removed to uncover the heads of these screws. Before turning screws all the way out (leave at least two threads engaged), tap them lightly to drive aluminum frame end (21) off frame (10).

10. Remove armature (15) from frame by tapping drive end of shaft lightly with a soft hammer.

11. Drive end bearing can now be removed; also spring ring and felt oil retainer (5, 6 and 7). Later

Standard Generator only has an oil seal in place of felt oil retainer (7).

12. Do not remove pole shoes and field coils (13, 14, 16 and 17) unless tests previously made proved one or both of the field coils in bad order. They should be removed only for good reason, as difficulty may be experienced in reassembling so they allow specified armature clearance. When a pole shoe (14) or (16) and field coil (13) or (17) must be removed, clamp generator frame lightly in vise and remove screws (9) or (11) with a large screwdriver as shown in Illus. 89. These screws are very tight and difficulty will be experienced in removing them unless screwdriver bit is in good shape and seats fully in screw slot.

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