To Adjust Rear Chain

Remove rear axle nut and lock washer and loosen brSe sleeve nut. Also loosen rear wheel adjusting screw lock nuts (one on each side of frame).

Turn adjusting screws to move rear wheel as J.««™ to correctly adjust chain. Assuming that wdieel was correcdy aligned the last time chain was adjusted turning each screw an equal number of turns will maintain alignment.

When correct adjustment of chain is attained securely tighten brake sleeve nut. rear axle nut and


nut sometimes changes chain adjustment.

Check alignment of wheel in chassis This can be

tire rim foe distance should be approximately 1%. Distance between chain and rim^should be checked at four equidistant points around rim, and if it ha£

adjustment will have to be rechecked.

After adjusting rear chain, rear brake may be foind too tight. Check and adjust if necessary. See "Adjusting Rear Wheel Brake,

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