Transmission Vent Screw

A new method of venting the transmission is being used on the 1956-74 OHV Model.

Transmission vent plug, part No. 34720-36, formerly located on the top right side of the transmission case near the kick starter crank, is no longer used, and the threaded hole into which it was screwed has been eliminated.

The new venting method employes a drilled screw, part No. 34720-56, which is installed in the second screwhole from the front on the starter crank (right) side of the transmission cover. This screw, recognized by a hole in the side of the screw head, must be installed in the cover in its proper position. Unless this is done, the transmission either will not be vented resulting in oil leakage past the starter and m&inshaft bearings, or oil may be discharged through the vent.

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