If transmission shifts hard:

1. Bent shifter rod.

2. Clutch dragging slightly.

3; Transmission oil too heavy (winter operation).

4. Shifter forks (inside transmission) sprung as a result of using too much force when shifting.

5. Corners worn off shifter clutch dogs (inside trans mission)—makes engagement difficult.

If transmission jumps out of gear:

1. Shifter rod improperly adjusted.

2. Shifter forks (inside transmission) improperly adjusted.

3. Shifter engaging parts (inside transmission) badly worn and rounded.

If clutch slips :

1. Clutch controls improperly adjusted.

2. Insufficient clutch spring tension.

3. Worn and/or oil soaked friction discs.

If clutch drags or does not release:

1. Clutch controls improperly adjusted.

2. Clutch spring tension too tight.

3. Friction discs gummy.

4. Clutch key ring badly worn.

If clutch chatters:

1. Clutch disc rivets loose.

2. Clutch sprung disc too flat.

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If brake does not hold normally.

1. Brake improperly adjusted.

2. Brake controls binding as result of improper lubrication, or being damaged.

3 Brake linings impregnated with grease as result of overgreasing wheel hub and/or brake operating shaft.

4. Brake linings badly worn.

5. Brake drum badly worn and/or scored.

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