Good handling of a motorcycle at any speed will result ^aTumtire mileage. Tires must be transposed at regular intervals for best performance and long life.

The larger the tire size and higher the average road Iptrthe more essenUal solo^^motorcycle ^ront end ^service ^ong enough to SowTrea; L wear irregular and peaked may cause Wgh speed weave, especially if over-inflated.

At reeular intervals of approximately 5000 miles or when ^ solo m0t0rcycle develops handling irregularities at high speed, check the following list for possible causes:

1. Loose wheel axle nuts.

2. Excessive wheel hub bearing play.

3. Loosened spokes.

4. Rear wheel out of alignment with frame and front wheel.

5 Rims and tires out-of-true sideways (tire run-out should not be more than 3/64 in.).

6. Rims and tires out-of-round hub (tire run-out should not be more than 3/32 in.).

7 Irregular or peaked front tire tread wear. Determine rSleage since tires were last transposed If Seage is found to be 2500 or more, transpose front and rear wheels and tires even though irregular wear or peaking of front tread is not noticeable.

8. Tires over-inflated. Check "Tire Data," Section 1A. Do not over-inflate.

9. Tire and wheel unbalanced Static balancing; will be satisfactory if dynamic balancing facilities are not at hand.

10 Steering head bearings loose. Correct adjustment id -place pitted or worn ball bearings and races.

11. Shock absorber not functioning normally. Check possible causes see "Forks "

faulty handling at higher speeds. It is advisable to rebalance statically, whenever casing and/or tube is replaced.

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