Use correct inner tube for tire size. See "Tire Data" Section 1A.

Insert tube in tire, (placing valve at tire balance mark). Swab thoroughly all around base of tube, between the tube and side walls of tire with a heavy suds solution of tire mounting compound and water. Bead seat of tire should not be coated. Inflate tube just enough to round it out. With wheel lying flat, place tire on rim and align valve with hole in rim.

Push bottom bead into rim-well near valve and hold in well while forcing remaining portion of bead over rim flange with a tire tool.

Spread tire and insert valve through hole in rim.

Force upper bead over rim flange and into well at point opposite valve. Stand or kneel on this side of tire to hold it in well and pry remaining portion of tire over rim flange. While forcing bead over rim flange, keep as much bead as possible in rim-well. Be careful not to damage beads or pinch tube. Inflate tire to recommended pressure and check valve for leak. See tire inflation pressures in "Tire Data," Section 1A.

After inflating to recommended pressure, completely deflate to smooth out any wrinkles in tube and allow tube to find its place, free from strain or stress. Again inflate to recommended pressure and check valve for leak.


Check runout by turning wheel on axle, measuring amount of sideways displacement from a fixed point near the tire (see Fig. 2C-8A).

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