Adjusting Front Brake Shoes

Raise front wheel off ground so it may be rotated. Loosen brake shoe pivot stud nut (5, Fig. 2G-1) and loosen axle sleeve nut. Apply brake. With brake pressure applied, tighten axle sleeve nut and pivot stud nut. This procedure centers shoes against drum so full lining length contacts drum on brake application.


Remove rear wheel from motorcycle as described in Section 2C. Disconnect shoe return spring (1) and slip shoes (2 and 2A) and anchor (lower) spring (3) away from side cover. Remove hold-down springs (4) from side cover. If necessary, remove wheel cylinder by turning out the two cylinder screws (5) on outside of side cover.


Follow inspection procedure as described in this section under iront wheel brake except examine wheel cylinder and side cover for signs of leaking fluid.

Simple Car Care Tips and Advice

Simple Car Care Tips and Advice

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